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To ensure a brighter
future for all Australians

We live in a time of huge economic change.

If we want to keep up with the rest of the world, if we want to create new jobs and industries, and if we want to ensure a prosperous future for all Australians, we need to equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge to get great ideas off the ground – and make the most of Australia’s potential.

Universities are central to Australia’s prosperity.

That’s why we need to maintain funding to Australia’s university sector.

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Uni student invents life saving device

While she was still an engineering student at Swinburne University, Jacqueline Savage invented a wearable temperature-monitoring vest for cancer patients.

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Uni sports invention prevents injuries, saves millions

An invention by QUT graduates is changing the face of elite sports science and saving sports clubs millions of dollars in lost player time.

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Uni graduate creates 140 new jobs in regional Australia

UNSW commerce graduate Jane Cay used the skills from her degree to found a new business in Cooma, creating new jobs for local people.

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So we need to maintain funding

If we want to continue to develop ideas that save lives, generate new jobs and industries and compete with the rest of the world; we need to continue to invest in research, innovation and higher education.

That’s exactly what other smart nations are doing.

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Central to prosperity

With 40 per cent of today’s jobs tipped to disappear within two decades, Australia needs to sustain our investment in university research and education to create new jobs, new industries and new sources of income for Australia. Already, Australia’s graduates are worth $140 billion a year to our economy, and the total value of our research has been estimated at $160 billion – more than the entire value of Australia’s mining industry.

Jobs for the future

By 2025, our economy will need another 3.8 million skilled graduates to be able to meet the demands of the new ‘knowledge economy’. We will rely on our universities to produce this skilled workforce for the nation, and to transform lives so that Australians of all backgrounds can make the economic transition ahead with confidence and success.

Paying for itself

Our universities attract over one million students, employ over 120,000 staff and directly contribute $25 billion to GDP. At around $18 billion each year, international education is Australia’s largest export earner after resources, and it builds vital links with the world. And every day, millions of people around the world rely on Australian innovations. We’ve produced 15 Nobel Prize winners and countless breakthroughs – just think of the bionic ear or the cervical cancer vaccine.


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