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Our universities give us so many reasons to be proud. Not only do they deliver the highly skilled graduates our economy needs to prosper, their research and innovation has helped put Australia on the world stage.

However, global competition is intensifying and we risk being left behind.

Universities Australia wants to make sure this doesn’t happen, but we need your support. If you believe that investing in our universities is investing in our future, help us ensure that the message is heard loud and clear. Help us keep Australia clever.


Skilled Up

Australian graduates are worth $188 billion a year to the economy, and pay $32 billion in tax, and the demand for high skilled graduates is set to climb. In the near future, we face a considerable shortfall in the number of high skilled workers our country needs to remain competitive.

Innovation Nation

Australians make up less than 0.3% of the world’s population but account for over 3% of the world’s scientific research output. We’ve produced 12 Nobel Prize winners and countless breakthroughs – just think of the bionic ear or the cervical cancer vaccine.

Paying For Itself

Each extra dollar invested in tertiary education grows the economy by $26 and grows tax revenue by $8. Our universities attract over one million students, employ over 110,000 staff and directly contribute $23 billion to GDP. At around $15 billion each year, international education is Australia’s largest export earner after resources, and it builds vital links with the world.