Universities Australia is the voice of Australia’s universities. When our universities are strong, so is our economy and the country as a whole.

Our role is to ensure that Australia has the policies that lead to a vibrant and internationally competitive university sector.

Our universities do so much more than teach our future highly skilled workforce. Australian universities are at the forefront of research into the causes and cures of many debilitating health conditions. Some of the life-changing inventions from Australia’s university researchers including world-first vaccines for cervical cancer and influenza, soft contact lenses, the Cochlear implant, spray-on skin for burns victims and a needle-free, refrigeration-free vaccine skin patch.

But if we want Australia’s potential to really take off, investment in our universities is critical.

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We have the potential

Saving lives

While she was still an engineering student at Swinburne University, Jacqueline Savage invented a wearable temperature-monitoring vest for cancer patients.

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Creating jobs

UNSW commerce graduate Jane Cay used the skills from her degree to found a new business in Cooma, creating new jobs for local people.

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Founding new industries

A university invention – the Jameson Cell – is used by hundreds of mines in more than 25 countries, earning nearly $100 billion for the Australian economy.

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We need to maintain funding

If we want to continue to support ideas that save lives, generate new jobs and industries and compete with the rest of the world; we need to continue to invest in research, innovation and higher education.

That’s exactly what other smart nations are doing. If we don’t make a similar investment, Australia will never reach its full potential.

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