Health Adelaide Uni technology provides new hope for IVF users

Adelaide Uni technology provides new hope for IVF users

Only two places in the world (Adelaide and Japan) are using BlastGen and Associate Professor Louise Hull, researcher at the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute and Fertility Specialist CREI at Fertility SA, is leading the first Australian BlastGen clinical trial.

The technology used in the trial works by taking advantage of a naturally occurring ‘signalling’ molecule in the uterus called GM-CSF to help develop embryos, which are then cultured slightly longer than normal in an environment very similar to the natural conditions during conception before being implanted. The molecule protects the embryo from stress, improving the overall robustness and quality of the embryos, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

According to Associate Professor Hull, the treatment has had a 43% success rate among the 20 couples that have participated in the study so far.

[img source] ZEISS Microscopy
The above story is based on materials provided by The University of Adelaide