Health Bond Uni research links coffee consumption to anxiety

Bond Uni research links coffee consumption to anxiety

Bond University Associate Professor Dr Michael Lyvers has conducted a study into the connection between those who suffer from Alexithymia, a disorder characterised by an inability to recognise or describe emotion, and the substances they use.

The study found that those who suffer from the disorder consume more alcohol and cannabis, but more surprisingly, they were also found to consume twice as much caffeine as non-sufferers.

Given that Alexithymia is linked to high levels of stress and anxiety levels, it is unusual that they would consume a substance known to aggravate stress and anxiety.

The study points to the importance of being aware of the impact that any substances on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Whilst most people are aware of the effect that alcohol and drugs have on them, few think about the impact of substances such as caffeine.

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[img source] Chris G. (CCA2.0)