Health Breast still best during coronavirus outbreak

Breast still best during coronavirus outbreak

There is no evidence coronavirus is transmitted through breastmilk, experts say.

Lactation researchers have moved to reassure new mothers that they should continue breastfeeding throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Melinda Boss of The University of Western Australia’s lactation research team said while the advice will vary for individuals,  breastfeeding was still the best way to protect the health of newborn babies.

“It’s also important to remember that breastfeeding has enormous effects that would be prevented if replaced by alternative feeding methods such as using infant formula,” she said.

“Some of those benefits include a boosted immune system with increased protection against respiratory infections and diarrhoea.”

UWA’s LactaResearch team is continuing to summarise the known information about coronavirus and providing resources for health professionals to support breastfeeding mothers in these increasingly uncertain times.

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