Lifestyle Couturiers’ tailored solution to COVID shortage

Couturiers’ tailored solution to COVID shortage

Australia’s next big things in the fashion world have traded in their runway ambitions to lend a hand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fashion students and staff at RMIT University have designed a new style of protective face mask for healthcare workers.

Dr Scott Mayson at RMIT’s School of Fashion & Textiles said the team’s avant-garde expertise lead to a design that combined comfort with high levels of protection.

“The mask has been developed specifically to fit a broad range of faces with just one strap and a unique under-chin profile that maintains a seal,” Dr Mayson said.

It is a tailoring challenge the university’s students did not expect, but many are relishing the chance to turn out a ready-to-wear collection of national importance.

“There are healthcare workers out there putting in ridiculous hours to keep people alive through this, so putting in a few days’ work to make these masks feels like the least I could do to help,” said Bachelor of Fashion Design Honours student Lauren Hart McKinnon.

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