Health COVID pneumonia health warning to young Australians

COVID pneumonia health warning to young Australians

Youth is no defence against the worst of COVID-19, with a health expert warning that COVID-19 pneumonia can strike even the young.

UNSW respiratory expert Professor Christine Jenkins says even mild or moderate symptoms can translate to longer-term health issues.

Recent studies from the United States have indicated that up to five per cent of COVID-19 patients under 20 were also diagnosed with  pneumonia, where the virus causes an inflammatory reaction compromising lung function.

With recovery from lung damage taking weeks or even months, Professor Jenkins warns patients may suffer long after the virus has cleared and warned young people not to make assumptions about risk and recovery.

“We still don’t fully understand what determines the age benefits of being 20 as opposed to 70,” she said.

“Now, you might think that’s obvious, but let me remind you that with the Spanish flu, it was young people who died.”

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