Lifestyle Early to bed, early to rise… it’s true!

Early to bed, early to rise… it’s true!

Part of the long-held adage that going to bed early leads to better health, wisdom and economic outcomes has been proven.

New research has confirmed that people who go to bed early are more likely to be in better health and more physically active compared to night owls.

Conducted by the University of South Australia and colleagues overseas, the study assessed the bedtime preferences of people with type 2 diabetes, identifying a connection between bedtimes and healthy, active lifestyles.

It found that night owls have an excessively sedentary lifestyle characterised by low intensity physical activity – and that this is putting their health at greater risk.

University of South Australia’s Dr Alex Rowlands said the study provides an insight into behaviours of people with type 2 diabetes.

“The links between later sleep times and physical activity is clear: go to bed late and you’re less likely to be active,” Dr Rowlands said.

“These findings provide an opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better, simply by adjusting your bedtime.”

“For someone with diabetes, this is valuable information that could help get them back on a path to good health,” Dr Rowland said.

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