Technology ECU researchers develop a way to check your oil as you drive

ECU researchers develop a way to check your oil as you drive

Edith Cowan University’s Electron Science Research Institute has developed a low-cost sensor for monitoring the quality of motor oil in running engines.

The Institute’s Director Kamal Alameh explained that the early readings of the sensor were crucial for maintaining the performance, reliability and low cost of maintenance. Given that the sensor could also reduce unnecessary oil changes, it could also be a good thing for the earth. He said, “The deployment of this sensor will save millions of litres of oil per year, in addition to protecting the environment through the reduction of waste oil generation.”

These sensors can be applied to more than just car engines. In fact, anything requiring oil for lubrication could benefit from the device, including oil pipelines, large industrial machines or airplanes, according to Professor Alameh.

The research was made possible by a multi-million dollar micro/nano-fabrication facility housed within the university, which points to the importance of proper university funding to ensure we do not get left behind. Thanks for keeping Australia clever, ECU.

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The above story is based on materials provided by Edith Cowan University