Health Experts at CDU help Indigenous kids to breathe easier

Experts at CDU help Indigenous kids to breathe easier

Research by Charles Darwin University PhD candidate, Michael Binks, into a respiratory disease that hospitalises Indigenous children throughout the Northern Territory will help these kids breathe easier.

After working in Indigenous health for more than a decade, he said he decided to merge his interests in natural medicine and nutritional research in a PhD, fascinated how nutritional science could help to improve health by manipulating the immune system with improved nutrition.

Dr Binks investigated vitamin D, as a known defender of the immune system and its possible role in reducing current levels of ALRI in Indigenous infants.

His findings provides evidence in support of future trials of vitamin D supplementation for the prevention of respiratory infections among Indigenous infants.

[img source] Thomas Hawk (CCA2.0)

The above story is based on materials provided by the Charles Darwin University.