Health Forgetfulness is a brain feature, not a flaw

Forgetfulness is a brain feature, not a flaw

You’re not forgetful, you’re just efficient!

That’s the encouraging finding of new research that’s changing the way we think about the way we think.

A Bond University study found our brains are efficient to the point of laziness and take a lot of shortcuts to free up mental space and help us focus.

If you’ve ever failed to recognise someone out of context, this research will ring a bell.

Our brains create and store a single memory that fuses together people and places, until proven wrong.

Only when you see your work colleague not at the office, but at the supermarket, will your brain bother to keep those memories separate.

Assistant Professor Oliver Baumann says forgetfulness ensures we are not overloading our brains and wasting space and energy.

We know you have a mind like a sieve, so take action before you forget. Sign the petition to support Australian research now.