Technology From rubbish dump to clean diesel: old tyres transformed

From rubbish dump to clean diesel: old tyres transformed

Old tyres can be recycled into lower emissions diesel engine oil without loss of performance, according to researchers at QUT.

At QUT’s Biofuel Engine Research Facility, Professor Richard Brown and PhD student Farhad Hossain tested the oil extracted from old tyres in a process developed by Australian company Green Distillation Technologies (GDT).

“Getting rid of old tyres in an environment-friendly way is a universal nightmare,” Professor Brown said.

“Stockpiles of used tyres around the world are a health hazard, as demonstrated by the recent Broadmeadows fire in Victoria, which was difficult to put out and generated huge amounts of toxic smoke,” he said.

Professor Brown said that when the oil extracted from the tyres was blended with diesel it was found to produce a fuel with lower emissions and no loss of engine performance.

A single 70kg truck tyre can provide as much as 28 litres of oil.

GDT plans to have the first fully-operational commercial plant delivering eight million litres of oil a year from mid-2017.

You can read more about the testing process here. Story credit: QUT newsroom.

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