Lifestyle Happiness hinges on your personality

Happiness hinges on your personality

If you’re an extrovert, that’s good. If you’re conscientious, that’s even better.

If you’re neurotic, you probably could do with a little cheering up.

Research from Deakin University has found the three big personality traits which are most likely to affect your well-being.

“Neuroticism is the biggest cause of lower life satisfaction and lower well-being. That’s typically people who are stressed, anxious, negative, and ruminate on things,” said the study’s lead researcher Dr Jeromy Anglim.

On the other hand, people who are extroverted and conscientious pursue their interests and seek out rewards which usually makes them happy.

So, it’s good news for out-going hard workers, but what if you’re an unmotivated, anxious introvert? Is there any hope of happiness?

The answer is yes! Dr Anglim says personality traits aren’t set in stone and with a bit of work, can be changed.

“For instance, some recent research suggests that when people consciously choose to act extraverted, they actually experienced increased well-being,” he said.

Another good reason to fake it til you make it!

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