Health Heads in the cloud

Heads in the cloud

Imagine creating a potential vaccine to fight COVID-19 the same way architects design a house: on thea computer. 

Researchers at Flinders University have done exactly that, shaving years off normal development times by harnessing the power of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing. 

Working with Oracle Cloud Technology and Vaxine Pty, the researchers have tested a potential vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. 

Lead researcher Professor Nicolai Petrovsky stresses there are no guarantees until all testing is complete but the signs so far are good 

“The vaccine has progressed into animal testing in the US and, once we confirm it is safe and effective, will then be advanced into human trials,” says  

The team collaborated with local company Vaxine Pty and Oracle chipped in to provide technical assistance, access to a wider research community and cloud infrastructure, helping speed up analysis and design. 

“We used computer models of the spike protein and its human receptor, ACE2, to identify how the virus was infecting human cells, and then were able to design a vaccine to block this process,” Professor Petrovsky says. 

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