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Knowledge and ideas are now Australia’s most precious commodities. They save lives, generate new jobs and industries, help us compete with the rest of the world and set us on a path for a prosperous future.

Here are some of the latest examples of how our universities are keeping Australia clever.

Glow-in-the-dark geckos light way to farm biodiversity

How tiny reptiles left glowing trails to help ANU researchers investigate animal navigation through farmland.

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Giant manta rays rely on deep sea food sources

Vulnerable manta rays find food in a zone regarded as the next frontier for open ocean fisheries.

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Patching up damaged hearts

A polymer patch that improves the conduction of electrical impulses across damaged heart tissue represents a significant advance in heart attack research.

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Human evolutionary beginnings more complex than previously thought

New research overturns widely held beliefs that almost all vertebrates are descended from placoderms (archaic armoured jawed fish).

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Good goal choice a key to treating depression

Setting positive and achievable goals could help improve treatment for people with clinical depression.

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Sleep can be sexy

More sex is associated with more sleep, and more sleep is associated with more sexual desire, researchers say.

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We need to maintain funding

If we want to continue to support ideas that save lives, generate new jobs and industries and compete with the rest of the world; we need to continue to invest in research, innovation and higher education.

That’s exactly what other smart nations are doing. If we don’t make a similar investment, Australia will never reach its full potential.

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