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Uni graduate creates 140 new jobs in regional Australia

UNSW commerce graduate Jane Cay used the skills from her degree to found a new business in Cooma, creating new jobs for local people.

When Jane Cay returned to her hometown of Cooma to marry a local farmer, she used her knowledge of online business, acquired from her UNSW commerce degree, to launch an online fashion business. Despite coinciding with the global financial crisis in 2008, Birdsnest experienced double-digit growth. It now attracts more than 12,000 visitors a day, is one of the most visited apparel sites in Australia and provides rewarding careers for more than 140 locals. When she was at university, internet commerce was still in its infancy. Inspired by what she had learnt in her degree, she had the skills and confidence to launch – an online retail store that has created 140 new jobs in regional Australia.

If we want more university graduates like Jane Cay to boost our regional economies, we need to show support for universities, so that we can keep Australia clever.

To ensure that Australians aren't left behind as our economy changes, we need to maintain funding for university education and research.

We need to maintain funding

If we want to continue to support ideas that save lives, generate new jobs and industries and compete with the rest of the world; we need to continue to invest in research, innovation and higher education.

That’s exactly what other smart nations are doing. If we don’t make a similar investment, Australia will never reach its full potential.

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