Health Indian spice tumeric may hold key to treating depression

Indian spice tumeric may hold key to treating depression

A study by the Murdoch University has supported the theory that the Indian spice turmeric possesses anti-depressant benefits.

The placebo-controlled study observed the mood enhancing effects of curcumin (the medicinal compound which gives turmeric its distinctive yellow colour) on people with a major depressive disorder. From weeks four to eight, participants treated with the curcumin extract reported improving mood-related symptoms. The study is one of the first human-based studies in this field.

Dr. Adrian Lopresti said the findings from the study suggest that the causes of depression go beyond brain chemicals like serotonin and can be treated with an agent that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, such as curcumin.

“But although curcumin has several potential health benefits, I would not recommend it as a first line of treatment for depression yet. More research is required.”

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[img source] Cherrie Mio Rhodes (CCA2.0)