Lifestyle Is COVID-19 driving motorists to drink?

Is COVID-19 driving motorists to drink?

Early results suggest that some Queensland motorists drank more when random breath testing (RBT) was suspended during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Researchers at University of the Sunshine Coast are looking into changes in driver behaviour between March and June when RBT was temporarily halted in Queensland.

“Early data is showing us that people who admitted to drink driving previously were more likely to increase drink driving during this period, with many believing they would not be caught,” said University of the Sunshine Coast’s Dr Natalie Watson-Brown.

Nearly half of the research participants said they’d been drinking more during lockdown.

Queensland has recorded a 21 per cent increase in road crash fatalities compared to last year, despite a 40 per cent reduction in traffic volume.

Dr Watson-Brown said the findings so far suggest there’s been an increase in risky driver behaviours.

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