Health Life-changing research for stroke victims

Life-changing research for stroke victims

Strokes are a major public health issue that affect more than 60,000 Australians each year, or about one person every 10 minutes. Most people who experience a stroke show reduced mobility, impaired balance and risk tripping up, on average, on 1 in 3 strides.`

Victoria University researchers are now exploring how gait training on a treadmill with real-time biofeedback can improve foot-ground clearance and reduce the risk of tripping, even long after a stroke.

The four-year study will provide 150 people who have had a stroke six months ago or longer with eight twice-weekly gait-training sessions. In the first sessions, sensors attached to their shoes will measure participants’ foot-ground clearance when walking on a treadmill, while a data projector provides visual information to increase toe-ground clearance. In later trials, feedback will be removed to determine how the participant adapts to the new walking pattern.

This research has the potential to improve the mental health of stroke sufferers by increasing their confidence in daily activities.

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