Health Lockdown study is Australia’s crystal ball into COVID-19 future

Lockdown study is Australia’s crystal ball into COVID-19 future

A world-first study into the physical and mental drain of coronavirus lockdown shows what could be ahead for Australians.

Researchers surveyed 369 adults living in 64 cities in China after they had lived under one-month of confinement measures in February this year.

The preliminary results reveal that adults had lower physical health, mental health and life satisfaction after one month in lockdown.

Unsurprisingly, adults with existing health conditions and those who had stopped working were most at risk of poorer physical and mental health.

However, people who exercised half-an-hour or less were happier than their more active peers.

“More research is needed but these early findings suggest we need to pay attention to more physically active individuals, who might be more frustrated by the restrictions,” said lead researcher Dr Stephen Zhang.

The study, a combined effort by researchers from The University of Adelaide, The University of Sydney and Tongji University , shows what could be ahead for the rest of the world as it follows China into long periods of social and physical distancing restrictions.

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