Health MEMORY GAINS: Gene therapy could reverse Alzheimer’s

MEMORY GAINS: Gene therapy could reverse Alzheimer’s

A new treatment that has the potential to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s could be available within five years, researchers say.

In a major breakthrough, a trial of gene therapy has been found to not just  halt the disease, but actually restore lost memories.

Macquarie University researchers – and brothers – Dr Arne Ittner and Professor Lars Ittner have been trialling the gene therapy on mice with advanced Alzheimer’s.

They expected it would prevent further onset of the disease, but found something better.

“It not only halts Alzheimer’s, it completely reverted the memory loss that was already there when we started therapy,” Professor Ittner said.

Gene therapy is a process whereby genetic material is introduced into cells to replace abnormal genes.

With such incredible success in mice, the Ittners believe the transition to human gene therapy could happen rapidly and be available in as little as five years’ time.

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