Health More news is giving us the blues

More news is giving us the blues

Increased news consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic led to higher anxiety, a new study into Australian media intake has found.

Sixty per cent of respondents to the University of Canberra survey expressed concern about COVID-19 and 71 per cent of them increased their news consumption as a result.

The research also found trust in the media has increased in the past year.

Associate Professor Dr Sora Park said Australians are becoming fatigued and anxious as a result of greater news consumption.

“The results show there was a correlation between high levels of news consumption and higher levels of anxiety. This also leads to news avoidance,” Dr Park said.

More than half of us are flicking on the telly for our news hit, compared to just 42 per cent last year, but print and radio news consumption is down.

The research shows encouraging signs as global concern about fake news grows, with most Australian media consumers discerning enough to spot misinformation and look for other sources to verify the facts.

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