Health Tiny capsule that effectively seeks and destroys cancer cells

Tiny capsule that effectively seeks and destroys cancer cells

The University of South Australia is developing a delivery system whereby nanoscale capsules loaded with therapeutic payloads release their cancer-limiting agents, only when they meet the tumorous cancer cells. The capsules have demonstrated success when loaded with two different genes and the research into treatment is happening right now.

Leading researcher Dr Ivan Kempson says the therapy is being developed to target lung cancer which is responsible for about one-quarter of all cancer-related deaths.

Traditional treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are proven to have limitations. The team is looking to advance a new photodynamic therapy where patients are injected with a photo-sensitising chemical for doctors to then irradiate the tumor with lasers. Scientists are refining the therapy to only deliver photosynthesising agents targeting cancer cells only.

This is incredible progress by the University of South Australia. Thanks for keeping it clever, Australia

[img source] Journal of Biological Chemistry  The illustration is a representation of the nanocapsule.