Environment Nature to nurture: Saving the bees will take guts

Nature to nurture: Saving the bees will take guts

As scientists worldwide try to discover ways to save bees from extinction, the first step could be found in nature itself.

Probiotics could save bees from catching the deadly chalkbrood disease, say microbiologists from the University of Canberra.

The devastating disease can drastically slice colony numbers, making it more susceptible to other diseases as well.

But after more than a decade of studying the bacteria in bee guts, Dr Murali Nayudu has potentially found an all-natural way to ward off the disease.

Dr Nayudu is currently looking at isolating the bacteria which can kill the chalkbrood fungus, so that he can develop a special strain of probiotics for bee health.

Healthy bees have a greater quantity and range of bacteria in their guts, leading to the breakthrough of administering probiotics to bee colonies to build their disease resistance.

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