Health New cancer DNA blood test ‘twice as sensitive’

New cancer DNA blood test ‘twice as sensitive’

A highly effective new bowel cancer test could save lives through early detection of disease recurrence.

A new ‘two gene’blood test targeting tumour DNA in bowel cancer patients has detected early signs of recurrence of the disease at twice the rate of the existing standard test.

Flinders University’s Professor Graeme Young, is one of the authors of a study involving 122 post-surgery cancer survivors.

He said the high (40 percent) rate of recurrence of the cancer, which kills 600,000 people world-wide every year, meant earlier detection could save more lives.

Later detection means a clinical intervention is less likely to be effective.

“We believe the two-gene test has the potential to fill an urgent and unmet clinical need, and are committed to advancing its clinical development as a new tool for improving patient outcomes,” Professor Young said.

You can read more about the study’s findings here. Story credit: Flinders University newsroom.

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