Health New diabetes drug could protect the heart

New diabetes drug could protect the heart

New research has shown the promising potential of a glucose-regulating drug to protect the heart from scarring, a common complication of diabetes that can cause heart failure.

The pre-clinical study, published in the journal Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research, demonstrated potentially beneficial side-effects of the glucose-regulating medication.

Investigators evaluated whether the new medication used to treat diabetes could reduce heart fibrosis associated with the condition which causes the heart muscle to be replaced by scar tissue, often leading to heart failure.

The research also showed the drug’s potential to help reduce scarring of the heart in high blood pressure or age-related cardiac fibrosis, irrespective of whether diabetes was present.

“We may be looking, for the first time, at a class of new drugs which could have a significant impact on the cardiovascular problems suffered by type 2 diabetic patients, and which would enable a significant advance in our management of these patients,” research lead, Dr Anthony Dear said.

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