Health New medicine could save thousands of women’s lives.

New medicine could save thousands of women’s lives.

The Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences is developing a new medicine which could save tens of thousands of women every year from pregnancy-related deaths in developing countries.

In developed countries, an injection of the drug oxytocin is a simple and effective way to treat and prevent postpartum bleeding. However, because the drug requires cold storage and needs to be administered by trained doctors and nurses.

The globally funded team, led by Monash’s Dr Michelle McIntosh, hopes to develop a new and affordable delivery system for oxytocin. The system will allow women in developing countries to simply inhale the drug as a dry powder immediately after the delivery of their baby.

Research shows the women in Sub-Saharan are 47 times more likely to die as a result of birth or pregnancy than women in the U.S. This new medicine has the potential to fix this statistic for good.

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