Health New research tackles life-threatening chemotherapy consequence

New research tackles life-threatening chemotherapy consequence

One of the leading causes of death for patients receiving chemotherapy is not the cancer itself, but blood clots.

Clots are a common consequence of treatments that use straw-like catheters to deliver chemotherapy drugs into a patient’s veins. If, and when they break away they can cause strokes or other dangerous health impacts.

A recent breakthrough innovation to tackle the problem has come from University of South Australia researcher, lecturer in nursing and former clinical practitioner in thoratic medicine, Rebecca Sharp, who has found that using ultrasound to find a vein of the right size before inserting the delivery device can reduce the risk of clotting.

Her new and simple technique has already made its way into the broader hospital setting and is now part of the training provided to both nurses and doctors in main teaching hospitals in Adelaide.

[img source] University of South Australia.

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