Technology New tech drives smartphones to drink

New tech drives smartphones to drink

Tasting a glass of wine is one thing your smartphone can’t do. Or is it?

Engineers at La Trobe University have found a way to make it happen, turning your standard smartphone into a budding wine connoisseur.

It works by using special wires that plug into the phone’s audio jack, accessing electronics that operate its microphone.

The device, dubbed ElecTrobe, measures or “tastes” the chemical content of wine, allowing winemakers to gauge the progress and quality of each vintage.

La Trobe’s Associate Professor Conor Hogan, who invented it, says his device is faster, cheaper, more convenient and more effective than current methods, which require testing in a lab.

“Mobile phone technology is so sophisticated these days that our smartphones have become more than communication devices,” Dr Hogan says.

Winemaking is a $6 billion industry in Australia and Dr Hogan’s device is set to revolutionise the way it’s done.

Not to mention help create better tasting wine – for humans and their phones.

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