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New train of thought

Train travel may be fast and efficient but is it really worth leaving home for?

Visit your average suburban train station and the answer would probably be no.

A team from RMIT University says redeveloping stations to provide more shops, apartments and other amenities could not only increase train travel but also encourage healthier living.

“If we want to reduce car dependency and get the most out of our train stations, redeveloping the area around them is the best way to encourage walking, cycling and active public transport use,” says researcher Dr Lucy Gunn.

The RMIT team identified stations across Melbourne that could be revamped to become “activity centres”.

“Many train station precincts in Melbourne don’t have basic features and amenities like supermarkets or bicycle storage that make living nearby useful for active transport or local living,” Dr Gunn says.

“Nor do they have high enough residential density, which means residents end up using their car instead of walking or cycling to and from home.

“Rethinking train stations to make them about more than just transport is the future for a more healthy, liveable Melbourne.”

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