Health New treatment gives tendon pain the boot

New treatment gives tendon pain the boot

Re-training the brain with painless exercises may revolutionise treatment for tendinopathy, according to La Trobe researcher, Dr Ebonie Rio.

Tendon pain is a debilitating, long-lasting and extremely frustrating for athletes – particularly AFL, basketball and netball players. The injury can sideline a player or cause them to give up the sport entirely.

Existing movement-based treatments for tendinopathy can be painful, cause muscle fatigue and can be hard to stick to. Dr Rio’s ‘Tendon Neuroplatic Training’ (TNT), combines stimulating the brain externally – for example by doing exercises to the sound of a metronome or voice-recording, rather than simply telling patients to hold a pose – with strength training, which is known to be good for tendons and muscles.

This painless, medication and injection-free treatment has been successful amongst a wide range of athletes. Dr Rio is now conducting further research to determine the minimum number of treatment sessions required for long-lasting effects.

Rio’s research may be used to inform future tendinopathy studies, including the cause of the recurring pain.

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