Environment Phoenix forests: How wildlife rises from the ashes

Phoenix forests: How wildlife rises from the ashes

Nearly all eucalyptus trees can completely recover from bushfires even when all their leaves burn, a project looking into Australian forest recovery has found.

Ferns and banksias also have some special tricks to survive the tough Australian climate.

Griffith University’s Dr Patrick Norman said these plants use ‘recovery buds’ to survive even the most devastating bushfires.

“These ‘recovery buds’ store energy and carbon reserves under their bark and in the ground and sprout new growth even when the entire tree has burned,” he said.

Other tree species shed large volumes of seed when their canopy is burnt, creating a whole new generation of trees.

Despite the huge damage done in the 2019-20 Black Summer fires, researchers believe many areas are well on the way to recovery.

In fact, dead trees are now providing safe habitats for native animals and birds.

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