Health Post-workout munchies – it’s all in your head

Post-workout munchies – it’s all in your head

If you genuinely enjoy your workout and like the people you exercise with, chances are you won’t ruin it all with a post-workout binge.

James Cook University’s Professor James Dimmock has been researching the psychology that motivates exercise and what happens afterwards.

He’s found that if your exercise is motivated by positive ideas about health, wellbeing and friendship, you’re less likely to succumb to a case of the munchies afterwards.

It’s also important that you have some say in the intensity and length of your exercise sessions and that you feel it’s all part of your identity.

“People who see their exercise regime as not enjoyable, voluntary or valuable need self- control to continue doing it. According to one theory, self-control is a limited resource, and this kind of exertion reduces someone’s capacity to undertake acts of self-control at a later time,” said Professor Dimmock.

He said that’s why you’re more likely to binge if you feel you’ve been pressured into exercising by someone else.

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