Sport Research addresses high churn rates for group sport

Research addresses high churn rates for group sport

A Victoria University researcher addresses the need to retain sports players at popular clubs in Victoria.

Associate Professor Rochelle Eime studied data from the state’s most popular organised sports and found relatively high drop-out rates among young children, older teenagers, and those aged over 30.

The research examined more than 2.6 million participant records in Victoria in several popular sports including Australian football, basketball, cricket, hockey, and netball. It found about 8.3% of Victorians participated in organised sport in 2012 compared to 7.5% in 2010. It also found that club participation rates peaked at ages 10-14, and then fell considerably after age 15, particularly for girls.

Dr Eime said the research reflects Australia’s sport policy that skews funding toward elite player development at the expense of community grassroots sporting clubs.

She explains that by addressing attrition issues and investing in community-level sports, it will be easier to encourage young children to continue their sport.

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