Business Revolutionising the car industry

Revolutionising the car industry


A partnership between Deakin University and local industry has led to the creation of the world’s first one-piece carbon fibre wheel for cars. Car wheels are incredibly heavy so by converting to carbon fibre, the car is lighter which means better performance, agility and fuel efficiency.

The weight saving over aluminum wheels is in incredible 40-50 per cent.

The wheel recently received a massive boost when Sue Callaway from The Auto 100 road-tested the wheels on a Porsche.

Her verdict?
“There is a serious difference,” she said.
“The car feels so much lighter.
“It is so much faster.
“It turns quicker … it is even more playful, if that is possible.”

A multi-million dollar manufacturing business is in the process of being set up in Australia, in most likely its home town of Geelong, Victoria. This incredible partnership is an example of how Deakin University is working with community and industry to help transform the region and create new jobs and opportunities.

Nice work Deakin University Team!