Health RMIT Researchers are no dummies when it comes to compression bandaging.

RMIT Researchers are no dummies when it comes to compression bandaging.

Associate Professor Olga Troynikov of RMIT is working on creating a new kind of compression bandage specifically to help burn victims.

The initial prototype bandages use a unique combination of two materials, Powernet and fine microfiber tridot, to form a lightweight, breathable, sweat and heat resistant bandage strong enough to generate effective pressure without causing discomfort to patients.

However, because the technology is designed for use on burn patients, the effectiveness of these prototypes is difficult to test on humans.

That’s why researchers have employed the help of Newton, a specially designed mannequin with adjustable skin temperature, sweat zones and a variable metabolic rate. He can even temporarily become a woman with the addition of special body parts. The researchers then use body mapping techniques and the feedback received from Newton’s body sensors to adjust the bandages for comfort and effectiveness.

Soon, the research team hopes to incorporate further therapeutic and medicinal substances such as moisturizers and nano minerals into the fabric of the bandages.

Associate Professor Troynikov also stresses the design of the bandages, suggesting that psychological comfort is part of an overall “holistic” healing approach.

Technologies such as this, developed in Australian university programs, will continue to help people in Australia and around the world to live more comfortable and continue with their everyday lives.