Health Painless vaccinations a possibility with revolutionary RMIT nebuliser

Painless vaccinations a possibility with revolutionary RMIT nebuliser

Life-saving cancer drugs and vaccines could one day be delivered painlessly, thanks to a nebuliser developed by RMIT University researchers.

Cheap, light and portable, the ‘Respite’ nebuliser allows for delivery of precise drug doses to patients with life-threatening lung conditions including cancer, cystic fibrosis, asthma and tuberculosis.

Using sound waves, the Respite technology generates a fine mist which can deliver molecules of the drug directly to the lungs.

However, the development offers the potential for insulin or vaccines to be administered without the need for needles.

Professor Leslie Yeo and his research team said the new technology could revolutionise how people are treated with drugs.

“Anything we can nebulise, we can potentially deliver,” he said.

Respite differs from a traditional puffer because it doesn’t require inhalation, meaning it can be used in elderly and very young patients. The dose it delivers can also be adjusted based on a patient’s specific needs.

Industry professionals believe the nebuliser has enormous potential especially for people with lung cancer, the leading cause of deaths by cancer.

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The above story is based on materials provided by RMIT University