Lifestyle Seaweed beer is making waves

Seaweed beer is making waves

Move over, sushi. Scientists at the University of the Sunshine Coast have used seaweed to make a new type of beer, which they hope will whet Australians’ appetite for other seaweed products.

Interest in seaweed is starting to grow because it is plentiful and packed full of nutritional goodies, says project leader Dr Nick Paul.

“We actually have thousands of species of seaweed off the coast of Australia and none of them are being used commercially, so there is this huge bounty of opportunity,” he says.

The health benefits of seaweed should make it attractive to Australia’s food, beverage and biopharmaceutical industries, he adds.

“Seaweed will actually filter out the very best minerals from the ocean so it has nutritious elements,” he says. These include iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

The seaweed beer, which is now available to buy, is a modern twist on a traditional German beer called gose, which is normally flavoured with salt and coriander.

“We used seaweed to resalinate and reimagine the gose style with a natural briny character,” says brewer Dr Evan Goulden. “We also left out the coriander because we wanted some of those marine volatiles and the spiciness from the seaweed to shine.”

The result? A unique brew with delicious hints of umami and an extra beachy zest.

Cheers to that!

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