Health Secrets and Thighs

Secrets and Thighs

Do all those annoyingly thin people actually burn fat faster? If so, what’s behind their mysterious ability?

Researchers at The University of Melbourne may have an answer.

It seems some people’s bodies really might metabolise fat more quickly and could be because of their cellular make-up.

The researchers have identified three types of precursors that go on to become fat cells.

One released lots of fat into the bloodstream, another burned energy at a high rate and the third was ‘rather benign’ and did what a fat cell should normally do but slowly.

All three seem to be present in our bodies but some people have more of some types of fat cells and less of others.

Professor Matthew Watt says the results may imply those individuals are less prone to obesity. Future research could identify ways of hacking the process, perhaps by “switching off” the fat-releasing precursor cells in people more prone to them.

“The discovery is important because it tells us that not all fat cells are the same and that by understanding the fat subtypes in a human, we might be able to predict their future metabolic health.”

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