Lifestyle Sleep can be sexy

Sleep can be sexy

More sex is associated with more sleep, and more sleep is associated with more sexual desire, according to CQUniversity researcher Dr Michele Lastella.

Dr Lastella quotes a 2015 study showing that for every extra hour of sleep they had, women increased their likelihood of sexual activity with a partner the following day by 14 per cent.

“In addition, it seems that sex before bed can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality,” Dr Lastella said

He said that sex produces a biochemical cocktail that can leave us feeling quite relaxed (both physiologically and psychologically) making it easier for us to initiate sleep.

Women have an extra advantage, as sex increases estrogen which has been shown to increase REM sleep and shorten the time it takes to fall asleep.

Dr Lastella says that Australians are being encouraged to open up about their sleep and sex life through a survey, which is ongoing.

“Although only preliminary (as we are still collecting data), our findings indicate that men and women perceive that sex before sleep is associated with better sleep afterwards,” he says.

“One thing is for certain – it most definitely won’t hurt.”

Dr Lastella is based at the Appleton Institute for Behavioural Science on CQUniversity Adelaide campus.

Read more about the relationship between sex and sleep here. Story credit: CQUniversity Newsroom.

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