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Smarter packaging for fresh produce

Research into the packaging of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables is providing new insights into ways to increase the shelf-life and quality of produce.

“New packaging innovations can deliver more usable and convenient fresh products to consumers, with improved quality, freshness and longer fresh shelf-life. Efficient packaging is also important for reducing waste of resources and produce,” said post-doctoral fellow Dr Matthew Wilson, from the University of Tasmania.

Dr Wilson’s research aims to identify and evaluate innovative new packaging options that offer significant supplier, retailer and consumer benefits over existing methods.

“Passive modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) has long been used for fresh produce; however the latest developments are ‘active packaging’ that optimises ripening and controls bacterial levels, ethylene or odours.

“We are working closely with key suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, including Woolworths, to evaluate, develop and demonstrate how new technologies can improve outcomes for their customers and suppliers,” said Dr Wilson.

Dr Wilson spoke about his research Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Innovative Horticultural Products conference in Hobart earlier this year.

Read more about the research and the conference here. Story credit: University of Tasmania newsroom.

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