Sport Sports participation lags in Melbourne’s growth suburbs

Sports participation lags in Melbourne’s growth suburbs

Children in Melbourne’s booming new estates are not playing sport at the same rates as those in the rest of Victoria, a new Victoria University study has found.

The research, conducted in collaboration with VicHealth, Sport and Recreation Victoria and Federation University, examined nearly 900,000 registrations of players of all ages.

It included participants in Australian football, basketball, bowls, cricket, golf, gymnastics, hockey, netball, football (soccer), sailing and tennis.

The study revealed that people in sports-mad rural and regional areas were more than three times more likely to get involved in club sports than those in the new outer suburbs.

Associate Professor Rochelle Eime said poor community planning and a lack of facilities in urban growth areas could be contributing factors.

“It’s important that planners consider sport and recreation needs of these growth areas before developers start dividing up house and land packages,” she said.

The study also found that Victorian males participated in club sport at twice the rate of females and that participation rates across all sports dropped significantly with age, falling to less than eight per cent by age 30.

Find out more about the study’s findings here. Story credit: Victoria University newsroom.

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