Health Steps for safer surgery during COVID-19

Steps for safer surgery during COVID-19

Anaesthetists can breathe a little easier with the release of new measures to manage COVID-19 infection risks during surgery.

Anaesthetists are the most likely of all medical professionals to catch coronavirus from their patients, because they are responsible for managing the patient’s airways during an operation.

Experts from The University of Adelaide have released a set of measures to help limit virus transmission when intubating a patient – or inserting a flexible plastic tube into their windpipe.

The researchers found in many cases, small changes in procedures could have a significant impact on transmission rates.

Lead author of the study Dr Venkatesan Thiru said using video equipped devices allowed a greater distance between the anaesthetist and patient.

Other best-practice measures include operating theatres which continually filter air and using drugs to reduce the cough reflex and vomiting.

“Australian hospitals have implemented many of these measures which have proven effective in limiting the risk of transmission to health care workers,” said Dr Thiru

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