Technology “Superlasers” may no longer be sci-fi thanks to diamonds’ shine

“Superlasers” may no longer be sci-fi thanks to diamonds’ shine

It’s the breakthrough that could help blast space junk and missile from the skies.

Researchers from Macquarie University have discovered how to combine multiple laser beams into one powerful pulse — and it all comes down to the bling.

The key to the new tech is using ultra-pure diamonds to combine multiple beams.

“Combining beams from multiple lasers is one of the most promising ways to substantially raise the power barrier,” said lead researcher Dr Aaron McKay.

The breakthrough has high-stakes applications in a world where high-power lasers are seen as a key tool in areas such as defence.

“Researchers are developing high-power lasers to combat threats to security from the increased proliferation of low-cost drones and missile technology,” said Macquarie’s Associate Professor Rich Mildren.

“High-power lasers are also needed in space applications including powering space vehicles and tackling the growing space junk problem that threatens satellites,” he said.

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