Technology Torpedo technology could help Aussies reclaim the Ashes

Torpedo technology could help Aussies reclaim the Ashes

The rise of fast-paced Twenty20 cricket is placing greater demands on bowlers than ever before, prompting sports scientists at Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) world-leading School of Exercise Science to come up with a solution.

Using submarine and guided-missile technology, they have developed a revolutionary algorithm that will reduce injury and improve performance in fast-bowling cricketers. This ‘torpedo technology’ is currently being used by the Australian Test team in preparations for the upcoming Sri Lanka tour and in its bid to reclaim the Ashes from England in 2017.

By implanting missile-guiding microtechnology into new wearable devices that can run ‘smart algorithms’, coaches can measure and analyse the intensity for each bowl delivered, and come up with an individualised coaching strategy for bowlers.

While these high-tech, algorithm-enhanced wearables have been designed specifically to measure and enhance the performance of bowlers, they could potentially be used in professional baseball, rugby union, rugby league, tennis, football and many other sports.

Technological developments like this could transform our sporting world and are another reason why funding for universities is crucial, if we want to keep Australia clever.

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