Sport Uni sports invention prevents injuries, saves millions

Uni sports invention prevents injuries, saves millions

It’s an invention that is changing the face of elite sports science and saving sports clubs millions of dollars in lost player time.
The NordBord Hamstring Testing System by Vald Performance – a Queensland University of Technology spin-off company – tests the strength of athletes’ hamstrings to help predict when they may tear.

Hamstring injuries are one of the most common and costly injuries to sporting clubs. When players are injured, the pain of the injury and rehabilitation are only the start of the costs to both athletes and clubs.

The test is now being used by major sporting clubs in Australia and abroad, with the company listing 12 AFL clubs, 6 rugby league teams, 10 rugby union teams, 12 NFL teams and 13 English Premier League teams amongst its clients.

Inventions like this can make a real difference to our sporting world and can only take off through research at universities. So let’s keep Australia clever.