Business Uni student invents life saving device

Uni student invents life saving device

While she was still an engineering student at Swinburne University, Jacqueline Savage invented a wearable temperature-monitoring device for cancer patients.

Her MedPro vest infuses drugs and monitors a patient’s temperature, enabling them to be cared for at home while medical staff monitor their health remotely.

Infection is a high risk for patients receiving chemotherapy. If an infection occurs, the immune system is compromised and the risk of death is high. The MedPro vest monitors the core-body temperature of patients and lets patients and health professionals know when to intervene as soon as a patient’s temperature is above normal.

Since graduating, Jacqueline is clinically trialling her invention through her start-up company, MedCorp Technologies, thanks to the support of Swinburne University’s Innovation Precinct.

Potential life-saving inventions like this are only made possible through universities. So let’s show our support and keep Australia clever.