Technology UQ a step closer to printable prosthetic limbs

UQ a step closer to printable prosthetic limbs

The clever researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) Robotics Club have created a functioning prosthetic forearm, intended to advance open-source knowledge around 3D prosthetic limbs.

The breakthrough development is a big step towards functional and affordable prosthetic arms, where currently only expensive cosmetic arms are available.

Project manager and UQ Business student Lex Van Cooten said his team had been working with findings from open-source humanoid arms to create the arm, and the open-source model will allow for a more affordable and practical solution for amputees.

“We wanted to build something useful, to have fun but also add value. If we can bring something back to the open-source community and bring forward affordable limbs, that would be the ultimate goal,” he said.

Currently, the 3D printed limb costs around $500 to make, a significant cut from the selling price of $10,000 per component of prosthetics currently on the market.

[img source] University of Queensland.
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