Sport UNSW team is set to make a road legal solar powered sports car a reality

UNSW team is set to make a road legal solar powered sports car a reality

Sunswift, an entirely student-led, not-for-profit team of students from the University of New South Wales, are less than three months away from creating the Southern Hemisphere’s first road legal sports car powered by the sun.

The team has already broken the world record (previous Keep it Clever article) for the fastest solar electric car, named eVe, to travel 500 kilometres on one charge, and is now on track to bring the technology to the average Australian driver as a street legal car.

Before that can happen, the team will need to redesign and rebuild nearly every aspect of it. To make it safe for the Australian roads, they’ll need design components like side impact protection, widescreen wipers, and headlights, as well as the common features and luxuries found in petrol cars. All these things will make the car heavier, which will mean the solar energy conversion system will need to be improved as well.


Right now, the Sunswift team rely on donations and sponsorships to fund their project. With proper funding for universities, projects such as this one can give young Australian innovators even more resource and motivation to thrive on the world stage.

[img source] UNSW Solar Racing Team (CCA2.0)
The above story is based on materials provided by the University of New South Wales