Environment Victoria University website helps birds and humans co-exist

Victoria University website helps birds and humans co-exist

Birds’ fear of humans can disrupt feeding, resting and breeding behaviours, but new website created by Victoria and Deakin Universities can help humans and birds to co-exist peacefully.

Avian Buffer is an interactive tool that estimates the distance at which Australian birds fearfully respond to humans, known as ‘disturbance’. Lead researchers Randall Robinson and Wouter van Dongen said knowledge about how birds fear humans allows for measures that reduce our impact on wildlife. Dr van Dongen said human disturbance has already led to declining populations of Australian birds in some parts of Australia. “One of the key issues we face is how to balance the increasing demand on public open space for humans with the needs of the biodiversity,” he said.

Avian Buffer will help to minimise and manage our impact on birds. The website covers 250 Australian bird species with plans to take the tool internationally, increasing range of wildlife it covers.

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The above story is based on materials provided by Victoria University